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Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Dr. Sanches has lived and created music in four continents, best summarized as follows:




Born into a family of musicians, he started with clarinet and piano, settling on cello at 10. A natural composer, he had a few of his compositions published in England when he was 13. A debut as a soloist performing the Lalo Cello Concerto in one of São Paulo’s best concert halls ensured him a full ride at Oberlin College, where he studied cello with Peter Rejto and composition with Randolph Coleman and Richard Hoffmann, among others. One of six students selected for the Oberlin-in-Vienna program, his lifelong quest for research started at Schoenberg’s house in Mödling, Austria.


Dr. Sanches finished his doctorate and master’s degrees at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2008. He was Professor Judith Glyde’s teaching assistant for six years, and also studied with András Fejér of the renowned Takács Quartet.



Former principal cellist for the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra and Fort Collins Symphony, Dr. Sanches has been the assistant principal of the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra since 2004, is a member of the Boulder Chamber Orchestra and also performs with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Opera Colorado and Colorado Music Festival, among others. As a soloist, Dr. Sanches performed Beethoven’s Triple Concerto alongside Chris Jusell and Caleb Harris.


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Chamber Music

In 1999, Dr. Sanches moved to Auroville, India. For two years he performed chamber music throughout south India, founded and directed the Auroville Instrumental Ensemble and collaborated in the recording of a Carnatic-style music-therapy album. As a member of the Ichos Quartet, he won first prize in the MTNA Chamber Music Nationals in 2004. More recently, he participated in Ben Cantú’s CD Distillations: chamber works for Guitar and Strings by Dusan Bogdanovic.


Composition and research

Dr. Sanches has won the Fiske Award for his work on Ginastera and Palindromes, and Strings Magazine published his article on how to compose cello études. One of his greatest passions is to write and arrange music to fit the needs of his students.



A teacher at the Flatirons Strings Academy and the Center for Musical Arts, Dr. Sanches is currently accepting new students at his private cello studio in Boulder, Colorado.

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